Policy Against Discrimination & Harassment

The policy against discrimination and harassment for members and event attendees is available under the Attend menu tab as the Policy item.

Keynotes Announced

The keynote speakers' bios and abstracts can now be found on the Keynotes page under the Program menu tab.

Demo/Video Track Call for Submissions

The Demo/Video Track call for submissions is available on the Demo/Video page under the Authors menu tab.

ETRA Youtube Channel

The ETRA Youtube channel is available at

Call for Papers Announced

Call for papers announced.

Discrimination and Harrasment Policy

ACM has developed a Policy Against Discrimination and Harassment that applies to all ACM-related activities, including any conferences, symposiums, meetings or other events sponsored by SIGCHI. It also applies to communications sent through official communication channels for any such activity or event, including social media.

Important Dates Announced

Important dates can be found in the sidebar.

Sponsor Invite

Information on sponsorship can now be found on the Sponsors page.

SIGCHI Student Travel Grants

The SIGCHI Student Travel Grant (SSTG) program is available for students who lack other funding opportunities, see the Travel Funding section of the Attend page.

SIGCHI Developing Countries Travel Grants

SIGCHI grants are available for students from developing countries, see the Travel Funding section of the Attend page.

Initial Venue Info

Initial information about the venue, SWPS University, can now be found on the Venue page.

Steering Committee Announced

The steering committee can now be found on the Organizers page.

Organizers Announced

The organizers can now be found on the Organizers page.

ETRA 2018 Website Launch

The ETRA 2018 website is now available.