The COGAIN Symposium focuses on all aspects of gaze interaction, with special emphasis on eye-controlled assistive technology. The symposium will present advances in these areas, leading to new capabilities in gaze interaction, gaze enhanced applications, and gaze contingent devices.


John Paulin Hansen (, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Päivi Majaranta (, Tampere University, Finland

Program Co-Chairs

Diako Mardanbegi (, Lancaster University, United Kingdom
Ken Pfeuffer (, Bundeswehr University Munich, Germany


COGAIN Important Dates
January 25, 2019 Abstracts due
January 25, 2019 Papers due
February 18, 2019 Feedback
February 25, 2019 Rebuttals
March 4, 2019 Decisions
March 29, 2019 Camera ready papers due

Accepted Papers

Long Papers

SaccadeMachine: Software for Analyzing Saccade Tests (Anti-Saccade and Pro-saccade)
Diako Mardanbegi (Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK); Thomas Wilcockson (Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK); Pete Sawyer (Aston University, Birmingham, UK); Hans Gellersen (Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK); Trevor Crawford (Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK)

Hand- and Gaze-Control of Telepresence Robots
Guangtao Zhang (Technical University of Denmark);John Paulin Hansen (Technical University of Denmark); Katsumi Minakata (Technical University of Denmark)

Pointing by Gaze, Head, and Foot in a Head-Mounted Display
John Hansen (Technical University of Denmark ); Katsumi Minakata(Technical University of Denmark ); I. Scott MacKenzie(York University); Per Bækgaard (Technical University of Denmark ); Vijay Rajanna (Texas A&M University )

Impact of Variable Position of Text Prediction in Gaze-based Text Entry
Korok Sengupta (University of Koblenz-Landau); Raphael Menges (University Koblenz-Landau); Chandan Kumar(University of Koblenz-Landau); Steffen Staab(Institut WeST, University Koblenz-Landau and WAIS, University of Southampton)

A Comparative Study of Eye Tracking and Hand Controller for Aiming Tasks in Virtual Reality
Francisco Lopez Luro (Blekinge Institute of Technology); Veronica Sundstedt (Blekinge Institute of Technology)

GazeButton: Enhancing Buttons with Eye Gaze Interactions
Sheikh Radiah Rahim Rivu (Bundeswehr University Munich ); Yasmeen Abdrabou (German University in Cairo); Thomas Mayer (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich); Ken Pfeuffer (Bundeswehr University Munich); Florian Alt (Bundeswehr University Munich)

SacCalib: Reducing Calibration Distortion for Stationary Eye Trackers Using Saccadic Eye Movements
Michael Xuelin Huang (Max Planck Institute for Informatics);Andreas Bulling (University of Stuttgart)

Short Papers

Inducing Gaze Gestures by Static Illustrations
Päivi Majaranta (Tampere University ); Jari Laitinen (Tampere University );Jari Kangas (Tampere University ); Poika Isokoski (Tampere University )

GazeVR: A Toolkit for Developing Gaze Interactive Applications in VR/AR
Diako Mardanbegi (Lancaster University ); Thies Pfeiffer (Bielefeld University )