ETRA 2019 Challenge Track, Torrey's
Friday, June 28, 2019, 10:00-12:00
Task Classification Model for Visual Fixation, Exploration, and Search
Ayush Kumar (Stony Brook University, United States), Anjul Tyagi (Stony Brook University, United States), Michael Burch (TU Eidhoven, Netherlands), Daniel Weiskopf (University of Stuttgart, Germany), and Klaus Mueller (Stony Brook University, United States)
Encodji: Encoding Gaze Data Into Emoji Space for an amusing Scanpath Classification ;)
Wolfgang Fuhl (University Tübingen, Germany), Efe Bozkir (University Tübingen, Germany), Benedikt Hosp (University Tübingen, Germany), Nora Castner (University Tübingen, Germany), David Geisler (University Tübingen, Germany), Thiago Santini (University Tübingen, Germany), and Enkelejda Kasneci (University Tübingen, Germany)
Towards a better description of visual exploration through temporal dynamic of ambient and focal modes
Alexandre Milisavljevic (Paris Descartes University, France), Thomas Le Bras (Paris Descartes University, France), Matei Mancas (University of Mons, Belgium), Coralie Petermann (Sublime Skinz, France), Bernard Gosselin (University of Mons, Belgium), and Karine Doré-Mazars (Paris Descartes University, France)
Understanding the Relation between Microsaccades and Pupil Dilation
Sudeep Raj (Saint Mary's College of California, United States), Chia-Chien Wu (Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, United States), Shreya Raj (University of Washington, United States), and Nada Attar (San Jose State University, United States)