Demos & Videos

ETRA 2019 Demos & Videos
Wednesday, June 26, 2019 (17:30-21:00), Ellingwood A&B and Red Cloud
A Gaze-Based Experimenter Platform for Designing and Evaluating Adaptive Interventions in Information Visualizations
Sébastien Lallé, Cristina Conati, and Dereck Toker
Estimation of Situation Awareness Score and Performance Using Eye and Head Gaze for Human-Robot Collaboration
Lucas Paletta, Amir Dini, Cornelia Murko, Saeed Yahyanejad, and Ursula Augsdörfer
Get a Grip: Slippage-Robust and Glint-Free Gaze Estimation for Real-Time Pervasive Head-Mounted Eye Tracking
Thiago Santini, Diederick C. Niehorster, and Enkelejda Kasneci
iLid: Eyewear Solution for Low-power Fatigue and Drowsiness Monitoring
Soha Rostaminia, Addison Mayberry, Deepak Ganesan, Benjamin Marlin, and Jeremy Gummeson
PrivacEye: Privacy-Preserving Head-Mounted Eye Tracking Using Egocentric Scene Image and Eye Movement Features
Julian Steil, Marion Koelle, Wilko Heuten, Susanne Boll, and Andreas Bulling
SeTA: Semiautomatic Tool for Annotation of Eye Tracking Images
Andoni Larumbe-Bergera, Sonia Porta, Rafael Cabeza, and Arantxa Villanueva
W!NCE: Eyewear Solution for Upper Face Action Units Monitoring
Soha Rostaminia, Alexander Lamson, Subhransu Maji, Tauhidur Rahman, and Deepak Ganesan