Accepted Full Papers

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library

Session 1: Methods

Visual Search Target Inference in Natural Interaction Settings with Machine Learning   Link to ACM DL

Michael Barz, Sven Stauden, and Daniel Sonntag

Combining Gaze Estimation and Optical Flowfor Pursuits Interaction   Link to ACM DL

Mihai Bace, Vincent Becker, Chenyang Wang, and Andreas Bulling

Analyzing Gaze Behavior Using Object Detection and Unsupervised Clustering   Link to ACM DL

Pranav Venuprasad, Li Xu, Enoch Huang, Andrew Gilman, Leanne Chukoskie Ph.D., and Pamela Cosman

A MinHash approach for fast scanpath classification   Link to ACM DL

David Geisler, Nora Castner, Gjergji Kasneci, and Enkelejda Kasneci

Label Likelihood Maximisation: Adapting iris segmentation models using domain adaptation   Link to ACM DL

Anton Molbjerg Eskildsen, and Dan Witzner Hansen

Validation of a prototype hybrid eye-tracker against the DPI and the Tobii Spectrum   Link to ACM DL

Kenneth Holmqvist, Saga Lee Orbom, Michael Miller, Albert Kashchenevsky, Mark M. Shovman, and Mark W. Greenlee

Anticipating Averted Gaze in Dyadic Interactions   Link to ACM DL

Philipp Müller, Ekta Sood, and Andreas Bulling

Session 2: User Interfaces and Interaction

BimodalGaze: Seamlessly Refined Pointing with Gaze and Filtered Gestural Head Movement   Link to ACM DL

Ludwig Sidenmark, Diako Mardanbegi, Argenis Ramirez Gomez, Christopher Clarke, and Hans Gellersen

A Survey of Digital Eye Strain in Gaze-Based Interactive Systems   Link to ACM DL

Teresa Hirzle, Maurice Cordts, Enrico Rukzio, and Andreas Bulling

Detecting Relevance during Decision-Making from Eye Movements for UI Adaptation   Link to ACM DL

Anna Maria Feit, Lukas Vordemann, Seonwook Park, Caterina Berube, and Otmar Hilliges

Bubble Gaze Cursor + Bubble Gaze Lens: Applying Area Cursor Technique to Eye-Gaze Interface   Link to ACM DL

Myungguen Choi, Daisuke Sakamoto, and Tetsuo Ono

Eye Gaze Controlled Robotic Arm for Persons with Severe Speech and Motor Impairment   Link to ACM DL

Vinay Krishna Sharma, Kamalpreet Saluja, Vimal Mollyn, and Pradipta Biswas

Session 3: Virtual Reality

Dataset for Eye Tracking on a Virtual Reality Platform   Link to ACM DL

Stephan Joachim Garbin, Oleg Komogortsev, Robert Cavin, Gregory Hughes, Yiru Shen, Immo Schuetz, and Sachin S Talathi

Effect of a Constant Camera Rotation on the Visibility of Transsaccadic Camera Shifts   Link to ACM DL

Maryam Keyvanara and Robert Allison

Session 4: Visualization

Gaze-Adaptive Lenses for Feature-Rich Information Spaces   Link to ACM DL

Fabian Goebel, Kuno Kurzhals, Victor R. Schinazi, Peter Kiefer, and Martin Raubal

Visual Analytics and Annotation of Pervasive Eye Tracking Video   Link to ACM DL

Kuno Kurzhals, Nils Rodrigues, Maurice Koch, Michael Stoll, Andres Bruhn, Andreas Bulling, and Daniel Weiskopf

Teaching Eye Tracking Visual Analytics in Computer and Data Science Bachelor Courses   Link to ACM DL

Michael Burch

Session 5: Applications

Deep semantic gaze embedding and scanpath comparison for expertise classification during OPT viewing   Link to ACM DL

Nora Castner, Thomas C Kuebler, Katharina Scheiter, Juliane Richter, Therese Eder, Fabian Huettig, Constanze Keutel, and Enkelejda Kasneci

Eyes on URLs: Relating Visual Behavior to Safety Decisions   Link to ACM DL

Niveta Ramkumar, Vijay Kothari, Caitlin Mills, Ross Koppel, Jim Blythe, Sean Smith, and Andrew L Kun

Modeling Metacomprehension Monitoring Accuracy with Eye Gaze on Informational Content in a Multimedia Learning Environment   Link to ACM DL

Megan D Wiedbusch and Roger Azevedo

Selection of Eye-Tracking Stimuli for Prediction by Sparsely Grouped Input Variables for Neural Networks: towards Biomarker Refinement for Autism   Link to ACM DL

Beibin Li, Erin Barney, Caitlin Hudac, Nicholas Nuechterlein, Pamela Ventola, Linda Shapiro, and Frederick Shic

Session 6: Cognition

Towards inferring cognitive state changes from pupil size variations in real world conditions   Link to ACM DL

Naga Venkata Kartheek Medathati, Ruta Desai, and James Hillis

Cognitive Load during Eye-typing   Link to ACM DL

Tanya Bafna, John Paulin Paulin Hansen, and Per Baekgaard