Call For
Tutorial Proposals

Since ETRA'16, tutorials are part of the conference being an important platform for the up-to-day knowledge sharing within the eye tracking community. The tutorials are meant to be a platform for sharing in-depth information on eye tracking methodology, data analyses, visualizations and applications in different fields. ETRA'21 will include a number of half-day and full-day tutorials, where experts in the field cover topics related to eye tracking or eye movement research within the general theme of the conference "Bridging the Communities".

All tutorials, as the whole ETRA'21 conference, are going to be online only.

We encourage all experienced eye tracking researchers to submit the tutorials propositions which are going to be of high importance for the field. The submission should include the A) extended abstract (up to 350 words), B) tutorial scope (up to 100 words), C) tutorial audience (up to 100 words), D) bio sketch of the teacher(s) (up to 100 words). Indicate also which conferencing and communicatoin technologies you plan to use for various activities. The deadline for the submission is March 28, 2021 (Time Zone AoE/Anywhere on Earth).

Submissions can be made through the submission form: Submissions. For questions and queries, please email ETRA 2021 Tutorial Chairs, Krzysztof Krejtz and Roman Bednarik, ETRA 2021 Tutorial Chairs.

Important Dates

(Time Zone AoE/Anywhere on Earth)

Proposals due Mar 28, 2021

Tutorial Chairs

Roman Bednarik

University of Eastern Finland, Finland

Krzysztof Krejtz

SWPS University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Poland

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