Warsaw - Sightseeing

The Copernicus Science Center

The largest science centre in Poland. It’s a cool place to discover and understand the world while having a lot of fun. Do you want to feel like a 10-year-old again? Nothing simpler! (http://www.kopernik.org.pl/en)

The Heavens of Copernicus

You can’t miss Copernicus Science Center’s Planetarium, one of the most modern and original planetariums in Europe. It is covered with a dome with a radius of sixteen meters, allows the viewers to find themselves in the remotest corners of space. Extraordinary experience guaranteed. (source: http://www.niebokopernika.pl/en)

The National Museum in Warsaw

The National Museum is one of the oldest and most interesting museums in Poland. It boasts a collection numbering around 830,000 works of art from Poland and abroad, from ancient times to the present including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, coins, as well as utilitarian objects and design (source: http://www.mnw.art.pl/en).

The Warsaw Rising Museum

The Museum is a tribute of Warsaw’s residents to those who fought and died for independent Poland and its free capital during the World War II. The exhibition depicts fighting and everyday life during the Rising and shows complexity of the international situation at the time, including the post-war years of the Communist regime and the fate of Insurgents in the People’s Republic of Poland (PRL) (source: https://www.1944.pl/en).

Museum of the History of Polish Jews

POLIN Museum is a modern cultural institution – a narrative museum which presents a 1000-year history of Polish Jews. It is also a place for meetings and conversations for all of those eager to learn more about the past and present Jewish culture, to confront the stereotypes, and to face the perils of today’s world such as xenophobia and nationalistic prejudices. By promoting openness, tolerance, and truth, POLIN Museum contributes to the mutual understanding and respect amongst Poles and Jews. (source: http://www.polin.pl/en)

National Gallery of Art - Zachęta

Zachęta – National Gallery of Art is an institution whose mission is to popularise contemporary art as an important element of socio-cultural life. A place where the most interesting phenomena of 20th and 21st century art are presented (source: https://zacheta.art.pl/en)

Old town and Royal Castle

Historic centre and oldest part of the city, it is also a living, breathing cultural salon. Founded in the 13th century as the prince's castle, it is surrounded by walls. During World War II, 90% of it was destroyed, but thanks to its excellent restoration and recovery, in 1980 it was granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage List. Currently, it is a lively place, bustling with tourists and locals, and full of galleries, cafés and restaurants (source: http://www.warsawtour.pl/en).

The Royal Łazienki

The Royal Łazienki was King Stanisław August’s summer residence, in which a classicist architecture is harmoniously blended with its natural surroundings featuring fabulous gardens. Here, one can not only rest while watching nature but also deepen one’s knowledge of the ideas of the Enlightenment by visiting outstanding gems of the European architecture (source: https://www.lazienki-krolewskie.pl/en)

ZOO in Warsaw

The ZOO was established 90 years ago. Today, it is home to over 12,000 animals representing more than 500 species. There are animals native to Poland, such as otters, brown bears and storks, but there are also a number of exotic species, such as African elephants, Rothschild giraffes, Indian rhinoceros, gibbons, various species of birds, reptiles and tropical fish. The part of the zoological garden grounds is the modernistic villa where director Jan Zabinski and his wife Antonina sheltered people seeking refuge – mainly Jews escaped from the ghetto – during Nazi occupation. (http://zoo.waw.pl/en/home.html and http://www.warsawtour.pl/en)

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