Steering Committee


  • Promoting and maintaining the ETRA conference as the premiere venue for researchers and practitioners interested in eye tracking research and applications
  • Ensuring the highest quality for the contents of the event
  • Helping decide where ETRA is held every year. The selection of the next site is up to the next chair(s) upon consultation with the ACM.
  • Providing advice to the current and future chairs of ETRA
  • Being actively involved in the conference series
  • Resolving general issues involved with ETRA

Members of the SC are expected to communicate via email and/or video conference.


The SC started operating in 2016. Its initial members are ETRA general chairs: Andrew Duchowski, Pernilla Qvarfordt, and Kari-Jouko Räihä. The SC will invite future members, by choosing among past chairs of the ETRA conference as well as researchers who have regularly published at ETRA and/or have been involved in ETRA organization.

Chair Selection

The chair is elected through a vote by steering committee members. The appointment as steering committee chair usually lasts three years. The current steering committee chair has been elected in 2016. Therefore, the next chair will be elected at the end of ETRA 2018.

Discussion and Decision Process

Any SC member can raise an issue by sending an e-mail to the list of all SC members. Every SC member must reply to the mail on the list, describing her/his position within a week. If no consensus is apparent, the Chair calls for a formal vote by e-mail. Every SC member must reply sending her/his vote on the list within a week.

Termination of Membership

A member of the SC is expected to be actively involved in the conference series which can include attending the annual conference, submitting papers, organising workshops, running tutorials, contributing to the SC discussion and decision process and attending SC meetings.

Membership of a SC member terminates when (s)he is frequently inactive.

Steering Committee Members


Andrew Duchowski
Clemson University, USA


Pernilla Qvarfordt
FX Palo Alto Laboratory, USA

Kari-Jouko Räihä
University of Tampere, Finland