Accepted Demos and Videos

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library


GIUPlayer: A Gaze Immersive YouTube Player Enabling Eye Control and Attention Analysis Link to ACM DL

Ramin Hedeshy Hedeshy, Chandan Kumar, Raphael Menges, Steffen Staab

Demo of a Visual Gaze Analysis System for Virtual Board Games Link to ACM DL

Tanja Munz, Noel Schaefer, Tanja Blascheck, Kuno Kurzhals, Eugene Zhang, Daniel Weiskopf

Synopticon: Sensor Fusion for Automated Gaze Analysis Link to ACM DL

Michael Hildebrandt, Jens-Patrick Langstrand, Hoa Thi Nguyen

Demo of the EyeSAC System for Visual Synchronization, Cleaning, and Annotation of Eye Movement Data Link to ACM DL

Ayush Kumar, Debesh Mohanty, Kuno Kurzhals, Fabian Beck, Daniel Weiskopf, Klaus Mueller


Eye Tracking in Ocular Proton Therapy Link to ACM DL

Riccardo Via, Giovanni Fattori, Alessia Pica, Antony Lomax, Guido Baroni, Damien Charles Weber, Jan Hrbacek

MIRA – A Gaze-based Serious Game for Continuous Estimation of Alzheimer's Mental State Link to ACM DL

Lucas Paletta, Martin Pszeida, Amir Dini, Silvia Russegger, Sandra Schuessler, Anna Jos, Eva Schuster, Josef Steiner, Maria Fellner

RIT-Eyes: realistically rendered eye images for eye-tracking applications Link to ACM DL

Nitinraj Nair, Aayush Kumar Chaudhary, Rakshit Sunil Kothari, Gabriel Jacob Diaz, Jeff B Pelz, Reynold Bailey