Accepted Doctoral Symposium Proposals

Full Citation in the ACM Digital Library
RAEMAP: Real-Time Advanced Eye Movements Analysis Pipeline Link to ACM DL

Gavindya Jayawardena

Scanning behavior in hemianopia: The Next Step: A study protocol Link to ACM DL

Josephien L. Jansen, Gera A. de Haan, Joost H.C. Heutink, Frans W. Cornelissen

Identifying Reading Patterns with Eye-tracking Visual Analytics Link to ACM DL

Chia-Kai Yang

Low Power Scanned Laser Eye Tracking for Retinal Projection AR Glasses Link to ACM DL

Johannes Meyer, Thomas Schlebusch, Thomas Kuebler, Enkelejda Kasneci

Analysis and visualization tool for motion and gaze Link to ACM DL

Anjali K Jogeshwar

Visual processing of social stimuli in children with autism spectrum disorder Link to ACM DL

Irena Komendova