Accepted Short Papers

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Session 1: Methods

MutualEyeContact: A conversation analysis tool with focus on eye contact Link to ACM DL

Alexander Schäfer, Tomoko Isomura, Gerd Reis, Katsumi Watanabe, Didier Stricker

Polarized near-infrared light emission for eye gaze estimation Link to ACM DL

Koki Koshikawa, Masato Sasaki, Takamasa Utsu, Kentaro Takemura

Estimating Point-of-Gaze using Smooth Pursuit Eye Movements without Implicit and Explicit User-Calibration Link to ACM DL

Yuto Tamura, Kentaro Takemura

Neural networks for optical vector and eye ball parameter estimation Link to ACM DL

Wolfgang Fuhl, Hong Gao, Enkelejda Kasneci

Tiny convolution, decision tree, and binary neuronal networks for robust and real time pupil outline estimation Link to ACM DL

Wolfgang Fuhl, Hong Gao, Enkelejda Kasneci

Protecting from Lunchtime Attack Using an Uncalibrated Eye Tracker Signal Link to ACM DL

Pawel Kasprowski, Katarzyna Harezlak

A Comparison of a Transition-based and a Sequence-based Analysis of AOI Transition Sequences Link to ACM DL

Chia-Kai Yang, Tanja Blascheck, Chat Wacharamanotham

Detection of Saccades and Quick-Phases in Eye Movement Recordings with Nystagmus Link to ACM DL

Sai Akanksha Punuganti, Jorge Otero-Millan

EyeLinks: Methods to compute reliable stereo mappings used for eye gaze tracking Link to ACM DL

Moayad Mokatren, Tsvi Kuflik, Ilan Shimshoni

EOG-Based Ocular and Gaze Angle Estimation Using an Extended Kalman Filter Link to ACM DL

Nathaniel Barbara, Tracey A. Camilleri, Kenneth P. Camilleri

Voluntary Pupil Control in Noisy Environments Link to ACM DL

Jan Ehlers, Annika Meinecke

Challenges in Interpretability of Neural Networks for Eye Movement Data Link to ACM DL

Ayush Kumar, Prantik Howlader, Rafael Garcia, Daniel Weiskopf, Klaus Mueller

Predicting image influence on visual saliency distribution: the focal and ambient dichotomy Link to ACM DL

Olivier Le Meur, Pierre-Adrien Fons

Positional head-eye tracking outside the lab: an open-source solution Link to ACM DL

Peter Hausamann, Christian Sinnott, Paul MacNeilage

The Perception Engineer's Toolkit for Eye-Tracking data analysis Link to ACM DL

Thomas C Kübler

Gaze estimation problem tackled through synthetic images Link to ACM DL

Gonzalo Garde, Andoni Larumbe-Bergera, Arantxa Villanueva, Sonia Porta, Rafael Cabeza

A Calibration Framework for Photosensor-based Eye-Tracking System Link to ACM DL

Dmytro Katrychuk, Henry Griffith, Oleg Komogortsev

Getting more out of Area of Interest (AOI) analysis with SPLOT Link to ACM DL

Artem Belopolsky

GazeMetrics: An Open-Source Tool for Measuring the Data Quality of HMD-based Eye Trackers Link to ACM DL

Isayas Berhe Adhanom, Samantha C Lee, Eelke Folmer, Paul MacNeilage

Benefits of temporal information for appearance-based gaze estimation Link to ACM DL

Cristina Palmero Cantariño, Oleg Komogortsev, Sachin S Talathi

Session 2: Privacy and Security

Privacy Preserving Gaze Estimation using Synthetic Images via a Randomized Encoding Based Framework Link to ACM DL

Efe Bozkir, Ali Burak Ünal, Mete Akgün, Enkelejda Kasneci, Nico Pfeifer

Privacy-Preserving Eye Videos using Rubber Sheet Model Link to ACM DL

Aayush Kumar Chaudhary, Jeff B Pelz

Session 3: Saliency

Deep Audio-Visual Saliency: Baseline Model and Data Link to ACM DL

Hamed Rezazadegan Tavakoli, Ali Borji, Juho Kannala, Esa Rahtu

Exploiting the GBVS for Saliency aware Gaze Heatmaps Link to ACM DL

David Geisler, Daniel Weber, Nora Castner, Enkelejda Kasneci

Session 4: User Interfaces and Interaction

A Psychophysics-inspired Model of Gaze Selection Performance Link to ACM DL

Immo Schuetz, T. Scott Murdison, Marina Zannoli

Optimizing user interfaces in food production: gaze tracking is more sensitive for A-B-testing than behavioral data alone Link to ACM DL

Daniel Walper, Julia Kassau, Philipp Methfessel, Timo Pronold, Wolfgang Einhäuser

Comparing Eye Movements Between Physical Rotation Interaction Techniques Link to ACM DL

Sven Bertel, Stefanie Wetzel

Spontaneous Gaze Gesture Interaction in the Presence of Noises and Various Types of Eye Movements Link to ACM DL

Sunu Wibirama, Suatmi Murnani, Noor Akhmad Setiawan

GazeLockPatterns: Comparing Authentication using Gaze and Touch for entering Lock Patterns Link to ACM DL

Yasmeen Abdrabou, Ken Pfeuffer, Mohamed Khamis, Florian Alt

Session 5: Virtual Reality

Decoding Task From Oculomotor Behavior In Virtual Reality Link to ACM DL

Ashima Keshava, Anete Aumeistere, Krzysztof Izdebski, Peter König

A Novel -Eye-Tracking Sensor for AR Glasses Based on Laser Self-Mixing Showing Exceptional Robustness Against Illumination Link to ACM DL

Johannes Meyer, Thomas Schlebusch, Hans Spruit, Jochen Hellmig, Enkelejda Kasneci

Session 6: Applications

Towards Predicting Reading Comprehension From Gaze Behavior Link to ACM DL

Seoyoung Ahn, Conor Kelton, Aruna Balasubramanian, Greg Zelinsky

Freezing of Gaze in Anticipation of Avoidable Threat Link to ACM DL

Alma-Sophia Merscher, Matthias Gamer

Impact of evoked reward expectation on ocular information during a controlled card game Link to ACM DL

Minoru Nakayama, Kohei Shoda

Sweet Pursuit: User Acceptance and Performance of a Smooth Pursuit controlled Candy Dispensing Machine in a Public Setting Link to ACM DL

Sarah-Christin Freytag

Using Eye Tracking Technology to Assess the Temporal Dynamics By Which Drivers Become Aware of Cyclists Link to ACM DL

Darlene Edewaard, Richard Tyrrell, Andrew Duchowski, Ellen Szubski, Savana King

ManiGaze: a dataset for evaluating remote gaze estimator in Object Manipulation Situations Link to ACM DL

Remy Siegfried, Bozorgmehr Aminian, Jean-Marc Odobez

Pilot Study of Audiovisual Speech-In-Noise(SIN) Performance of Young Adults with ADHD Link to ACM DL

Gavindya Jayawardena, Anne Michalek, Andrew Duchowski, Sampath Jayarathna

Faces strongly attract early fixations in naturally sampled real-world stimulus materials Link to ACM DL

Anna Lisa Gert, Benedikt V. Ehinger, Tim C. Kietzmann, Peter König

Data-Driven Classification of Dyslexia Using Eye-Movement Correlates of Natural Reading Link to ACM DL

János Szalma, Béla Weiss

Session 7: Cognition

How Shared Visual Attention Patterns of Pairs Unfold Over Time when Workload Changes Link to ACM DL

Shannon P Devlin, Jake Flynn, Sara L Riggs

One threshold to rule them all? Modification of the Index of Pupillary Activity to optimize the indication of cognitive load Link to ACM DL

Benedict C. O. F. Fehringer

Insights into the processes underlying the early fixation-based memory effect Link to ACM DL

Charlotte Schwedes, Oliver C. Raufeisen, Dirk Wentura

Pedestrians Egocentric Vision: Individual and Collective Analysis Link to ACM DL

Matteo Valsecchi, Arash Akbarinia, Raquel Gil-Rodriguez, Karl R. Gegenfurtner

Quantitative Perception Measurement of the Rotating Snakes Illusion Considering Temporal Dependence and Gaze Information Link to ACM DL

Yuki Kubota, Tomohiko Hayakawa, Masatoshi Ishikawa