The 12th ACM Symposium on Eye Tracking Research and Applications (ETRA2020) aims to bring together eye tracking researchers from Computer Science and Psychology/Cognitive Science under the motto Bridging Communities.
ETRA 2020 welcomes scientists and practitioners of all disciplines in support of a common vision of moving eye tracking research and its application forward. We hope to see you in Stuttgart!

General Chairs

Andreas Bulling

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Anke Huckauf

Ulm University, Germany


University of Stuttgart, Germany

Campus Vaihingen

The University of Stuttgart is a leading, technologically oriented university with a global presence. The Stuttgart Way stands for the interdisciplinary integration of engineering, natural, cultural and social sciences on a foundation of top-flight disciplinary research. Nestled in one of Europe’s most vibrant industrial regions, the University of Stuttgart blends science, economy, and society. From this fusion emerge variegated forms of interdisciplinary teamwork.