Area Chairs

Name Area Affiliation
Andrew Begel STEM Education Microsoft Research, USA
Pieter Blignaut Feature Detection and Gaze Mapping University of the Free State, South Africa
Giuseppe Boccignone Gaze Modeling University of Milan, Italy
Andreas Bulling Pervasive Gaze Sensing, Analysis, and Interaction Max Planck Institute for Informatics, Germany
Michael Burch Eye Tracking and Visualization Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Lewis Chuang Ubiquitous Eye Tracking Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics, Germany
Michael Dorr Visual Function Measurement Technical University of Munich, Germany
Andrew Duchowski Eye Tracking Potpourri Clemson University, USA
Hans Gellersen Interaction Techniques Lancaster University, England
Howell Istance Eye Tracking Methods University of Tampere, Finland
Pawel Kasprowski Eye Movement Metrics and Applications Silesian University of Technology, Poland
Peter Kiefer Eye Tracking of Information Processing ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Carlos Morimoto Gaze Interaction University of São Paulo, Brazil
Jeff Mullingan Eye Tracking Methods NASA, USA
Marcus Nyström Methods and Instrumentation in Eye Movement Research Lund University, Sweden
John Paulin Hansen Applied Eye Tracking Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Thies Pfeiffer Gaze Interactivity and Virtual Environments Bielefeld University, Germany
Marc Pomplun Eye Tracking Methods University of Massachusetts Boston, USA
Oleg Spakov Eye Tracking Methods University of Tampere, Finland
Yusuke Sugano Computer Vision and Machine Learning for Eye Gaze Osaka University, Japan
Quan Wang Low-cost Systems and Cognitive Studies Yale University, USA
Bin Zheng Gaze in Health Applications and Models University of Alberta, Canada