Sponsor Workshops

Eye Tracking at Oculus Research : Revisiting the Fundamentals

Abstract. Eye tracking technology has been available in some form for decades. However, truly immersive VR and AR experiences require great eye tracking, all the time, for every user with virtually no allowance for weight, power, conspicuity, or compute. Traditional tracking technologies do not meet all of these stringent criteria, and it’s unclear if more engineering effort will get us there. The field requires fundamental research to challenge long-standing assumptions in eye tracking best practices. In this talk, we’ll provide an overview of the approach at Oculus Research, and dive deep on many of the challenges that face the community. We look forward to collaborating with researchers and industry partners to unlock the true potential of VR/AR though great eye tracking.

Eye tracking philosophy from Tobii Pro

Abstract. This workshop will focus on the human eye movements and how to measure them from a physical and geometrical point of view, as opposed to the more common topic of the cognitive aspects of eye movements.

There will be a walk through different parts of the human eye and muscles controlling it (including both optical and mechanical behavior). Followed by a brief discussion around different types of eye movements and gaze behavior and how these correlate to the eye mechanics (saccades, fixations, smooth pursuit, VOR, accomodation and vergence).

A short introduction to different methods of measuring eye movements will be given, leading to a more detailed discussion about the design philosophy behind Tobii eye trackers and how they take into account the optical and geometrical aspects of eye movements, as described in the beginning. All parameters in the output data will be described in detail, with reference to the geometrical behavior of a real human eye.

Hands-on with Pupil Labs - Current features and future directions

Abstract. This workshop will provide a brief introduction to the mobile eye-tracking solutions and software ecosystem developed by Pupil Labs. In a hands-on demonstration and live-coding session, we will give a practical guide to leveraging the Pupil Labs open tool chain. Going forward, the team will present current development and research projects at Pupil Labs and in particular discuss how they utilise modern machine learning and computer vision methods.

Remote Eye Tracking - Challenges and Future

Abstract. Smart Eye AB is a Swedish company with a 20 year track record as for remote head- and eye tracking. Serving demanding industries such as the Automotive and Aviation means that R&D is a vital part of Smart Eye operations.

To achieve benchmark performance and robustness within human factors is a challenge.

The workshop will present and discuss some of the areas crucial for remote tracking. Such as illumination technologies, where Smart Eye tracking algorithm is invariant to changing lighting levels. Remote tracking of subjects wearing a face mask is another challenge. Also we will present our team work using neural networks.

Smart Eye technology is operational within different industries. These have shaped the evolution of the Smart Eye PRO system. Different challenging setups. Such as control rooms and different simulators will be presented. Where being non-intrusive is the absolute requirement.

The workshop will conclude with a Q&A session.

iMotions Workshop

Abstract. Join our iMotions workshop and learn how biometric techniques and our platform are being utilized in human behavior research. We will start with a short presentation about biometrics, continue with a 1-hour long interactive DEMO study, and finish with a discussion where our biometric research experts, Jeff Zornig, Kerstin Wolf, and Ole Baunbæk Jensen will answer any of your questions.