Best Paper
Error-Aware Gaze-Based Interfaces for Robust Mobile Gaze Interaction
Michael Barz, Florian Daiber, Daniel Sonntag, and Andreas Bulling
Paper of Note (i.e. second-place Best Paper)
Circular Orbits Detection for Gaze Interaction Using 2D Correlation and Profile Matching Algorithms
Eduardo Velloso, Flavio Luiz Coutinho, Andrew Kurauchi, and Carlos H. Morimoto
Best Note
CBF:Circular binary features for robust and real-time pupil center detection
Wolfgang Fuhl, David Geisler, Thiago Santini, Tobias Appel, Wolfgang Rosenstiel, and Enkelejda Kasneci
Best Early Investigator Paper
Cross-subject workload classification using pupil-related measures
Tobias Appel, Christian Scharinger, Peter Gerjets, and Enkelejda Kasneci
Best Presentation
Learning to Find Eye Region Landmarks for Remote Gaze Estimation in Unconstrained Settings
Seonwook Park, Xucong Zhang, Andreas Bulling, and Otmar Hilliges
Best Poster
Useful Approaches to Exploratory Analysis of Gaze Data: Enhanced Heatmaps, Cluster Maps, and Transition Maps
Poika Isokoski, Jari Kangas, Päivi Majaranta
Best Demo
iTrace: Eye Tracking Infrastructure for Development Environments
Drew T. Guarnera, Corey A. Bryant, Ashwin Mishra, Jonathan Maletic, and Bonita Sharif
Best Video
Enhanced Representation of Web Pages for Usability Analysis with Eye Tracking
Raphael Menges, Hanadi Tamimi, Chandan Kumar, Tina Walber, Christoph Schaefer, and Steffen Staab
Best Doctoral Symposium Paper
Virtual Reality as a Proxy for Real-Life Social Attention?
Marius Rubo and Matthias Gamer
Area Chair Above and Beyond
Oleg Špakov
Reviewer Above and Beyond
Tanja Blascheck